Us vs Them

Blog fam! I pray the first part of 2018 has been everything you have prayed for. When we were kids the most anticipated day before school ended for the summer was field day. There were nonstop games from the time you got to school until it was over. There were individual games as well as team games. The class tug of war was the best game in my opinion. You were teamed up by class and did your absolute best to pull the other team over the line. The line up for the game was fairly simple. You placed the smaller people in the front and the bigger people in the back and pulled until one side lost their footing or gave up. I’m finding that adult life is the ultimate game of tug of war. We often find ourselves tugging with addictions, people, work and things we can’t articulate into works. When we think about the line up for this war it seems as if the enemy has called for all of his imps. Not only has he called for them, but he has also joined the tug. If we are not careful, we will be fooled into thinking that we are in this tug of war all alone. I heard Pastor Jerome Gay say, “When you have Jesus, you are the majority.” It doesn’t matter how many issues you face because you have Jesus! The more the enemy tugs, the stronger Jesus’ grip gets. Psalms 121:3 says,

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.

It may seem like life is hitting you with blow after blow but you have to remind yourself that God will not allow your foot to be moved! He has planted you and will sustain you not matter what comes or goes. Jesus stays on his post and is never caught off guard. I encourage you to remember that as long as you have the Lord on your side; the tug of war is fixed in your favor.

God we thank you for the reminder that as long as we have you we are the majority. You are more than the world against us. Help us to remember that you will not allow our foot to slip and that you are constantly fighting on our behalf. In Jesus’ name, amen! Be blessed peeps!